Sunday, 22 January 2017

Richly-printed trousers

In winter almost every inside space with  sufficient light  represents an inviting place for a shooting. 
(  for me just a few things are worse than freezing temperatures )

Just like this office. 
With big windows and quite strong artificial lights !!

Do you like richly-printed trousers? I found this pair at a very discounted price and I fell  in love with  both the floral print  and the shape  ( neihter too tight nor too large ).
Well, to be honest, I have to admit that ... I very easily fall in love with  discounted, high-quality items!
Quickly  decided that, due to their light colour,  those trousers were exactly what I would have loved to wear in spring too...

They seemed to match to my bag

and even to my old cashmere cardigan.

Is  there any unmissable new piece in your closet after the end-of-the-season sales?  For me they are a temptation! But sometimes when at home  I realize that the item I have just bought  isn't really my taste ...

Not in this case anyway...I am still  satisfied with the purchase... 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

A fairy-tale city

During the last holidays I spent some days in Mantova.
It's  a small city  of about 40.000 inhabitants situated in the North East of Italy. 

It is crossed by the river Mincio and there are canals in the city 

Water adds to the place a magical vibe...

It was  cold in those days and here it is the best I could do to match warmth and fashion ...
( not a very good result anyway ) 
I  can't tell you how cold it was!!!

Despite the low temperatures there were cafes with tables in the open air where people were comfortably sipping coffee...
( the one above was empty because closed the day I took the photo )

Many touristic attractions 

Of special beauty

I enjoyed the tour so much!!
( another example of veeeeery relaxed outfit)

Never mind... I will look more elegant next week! 

Sorry, I couldn't resist to publish a  last  ( silly) photo...  

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Celebrations are over!

Hi, darlings!  What about your last weeks? 

In Italy we celebrate on the 6th of January the last national holiday of Christmas time and , if you add that both my mother and husband have their birthday in the first week of the year,  can understand that I had a very busy fortnight !  

Many of you have finished everything concerning  the celebrations  days ago,  but this is Italy, you know...

In any case,  between a dinner with parents and a meeting with  friends for  greetings  and wishes 

during the last two weeks I found some time to take  photos for the blog! 

Here, they were the days between  Christmas and New Year 's eve

We were sooooo tired! 
( but luckily now no more celebrations for a while, my dear...)

Next week something about a  journey I did ...

Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas week

It was a cold day last Sunday
 but I still had to buy the last presents and then take photos for the post
 so I made my way to the city with hopeful intentions 

But, in the craziness of Christmas time  things turned out to be different ...

So I got my photos at home 
( with bad light which of course  means bad photos )


I was wearing a long dress, the jacket  a warm coat 
and a pair of my booties. 

Plus a big pair of earrings 
( I am trying to make something like ... a D&G style ! )

I think that I have a lot to try yet, but they are lightweight and colourful.

I promise good photos next time ! 


Sunday, 11 December 2016

A different post

This is a different post ,  with photos of very different subjects. Each one is of something that I have seen during the week and loved . 
Like the beautiful plant growing on a wall.
(I don't know the name , do you ? )

If you like, can  follow my ( at random ) thoughts  ,  are welcome ! 

In my opinion white  is one among the most sophisticated choices for the cold season.
Not very easy to wear, but
I like everything of the outfit ...
(sorry but I forgot to note the brand )

Max Mara 

But I didn't this time ! !
(One of my favourite brands )

Booties are my passion!  I have got many in different colours , but not the wonderful ones which I saw on a magazine. 


I think I could wear a floral print pair with many of my skirts !!

The reason why I love booties is because they add a modern touch to the look . 
(And my look is often quite  classic )

Ohhhhhhh,  a delightful hairstyle ! Very tempting ...
( but not sure it would look the same on me ... different hair sometimes  means different results! )

And finally, on  the matter of temptations and things I loved during the week ...
here you are the sweetest one:
frozen yoghurt with chopped  pistachios!! I could live of it!!

What do you really love? 

P.s . 
Remember to enjoy everything of your week...

Monday, 5 December 2016

A sparkling skirt

 December is here. And in a few days the streets will be crowded of people in search of gifts.
 There is a childish part of me that has always loved the sweetness of the month. 

Then, years have gone  too fast and have taken away dears.I feel some sadness, but this is life.
December is here.
I will choose pretty presents for my  (old ) relatives and friends. 
I will be happy to see  them smile.

 December is a festive month  which I start this year wearing a silk skirt . 

To feel the joy around . It's a special month ,  after all! 

A silk skirt with  beads sewed on the rim .
A marble-colour (isn't  it a fantastic way to name a colour ? ) sweater 
with tiny holes ( which I bought online ).

The burgundy nail polish and pearls add some festive .

I like pearls but think that they are a bit too classic ,  so have  recently made a necklace which reflects my actual taste.
It has smoky quartz gemstones and a thin  chain in the back 

Now I am ready.
And you ? 

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Like a copycat

There is a joke about being a copycat between my friend Greetje of No Fear of Fashion and me

When she gets inspired to one of my outfit she calls herself a copycat, 
but I think that we inspire each other ...
In any case today the copycat it's me!

What do I mean? 
Look at my skirt ... many of you saw the same on her!
She bought her skirt last year in Turin . I bought mine last week.
But,  can a sensible woman resist to buy an extraordinary beautiful item at an extraordinary reduced price ?
That woman  hasn't got my name! 

The skirt is by  Max Mara  and has a delicate cream colour which I matched to a burgundy long  blouse underneath a bi-colour viscose sweater ( plus one of my bags in a similar tone )

While I was shooting the other day after a whole week of rain 

Something attracted my attention ...

A drone was flying right above me and a man looked very concentrated in driving it here and there , up and down . 
I thought that men are funny guys!  
And find peculiar ways to enjoy a Sunday morning ...

... of course he probably thought the same of me, while I was trying to get good photos of my skirt!

Do you happen to be inspired by someone you know ?