Monday, 15 August 2016


National holiday yesterday in Italy.
 (15th of August recalls the  Roman emperor Augusto's holidays )
Most Italians enjoyed the day on the  beach..
I wasn't an exception! 

Sunshine, blue sky and the sea in front of me ...

... colourful buildings at my back.

Cotton light weight beach dress without jewels.
I don't wear jewels in very hot days, ( do you? ) .
 Not comfortable,
there will be plenty of time in cold seasons! 

In any case, my dress, has a little bow as front decoration! 

( view )

I spent the day sunbathing, swimming and and then comfortably placed in the shadow,

sipping my favourite drink ...

Monday, 8 August 2016

Summer feelings

Today's post is dedicated to  the upsides of summer season! 
1st : you can wear sandals
( have you ever thought how pleasant it is? )

2nd :  enjoy  dresses with a wide neckline
( and feel the breeze on your  bare skin )

3rd : have a lot of time for making relaxing things!
( and be proud  of realizing  simple projects ... )

4th : stay under a very light blue sky 
( and enjoy the brightness of  colours )

Is there something you especially associate to summer?

If I should choose one, it would probably be the smell of a fig sprig just broken ...

Nothing news in my today's outfit ... now and again  I don't do shopping 
( but only for a very short time!! )

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Shirt dress

Today I am in my shirt dress : simple, classic, comfortable!

Once again I couldn't resist to have something only mine and so, I shorten the sleeves and added the flowers ...

Then I wore  a rope belt 
(which, if you carefully look at the picture, matches to the handles of my O Bag )

Here I am!
Don't you think that a shirt dress is absolutely perfect in summer?

While I was walking in the morning to avoid too high temperatures, 

I came across this beautiful gazebo.
Probably it was placed in the square for an  exhibition .

Of course, a well trained blogger's eye can recognize at first sight a photogenic place!!

I have some more shirt dresses  in my closet.
They seem to be O.k. this year here!

The perfect shape of understatement ...
(from an Italian magazine )

Sunday, 17 July 2016

My look at the seaside

Some days at the seaside made me feeling  in the mood for wearing bright colours. So, when I saw the dress in a shop, bought it right away!
The price was very good and the fabric  made it  perfect in hot days 
( the little holes allow the pass of the air )

I matched it to coral colour 
which is one of my favourite combination at the moment.

Then  bought a  nail polish in the same shade of my earrings and lipstick
for a very holiday look!

At my home in the  Ligurian hinterland I keep some accessories which can come in handy during the vacations . 
Since  when I arrive I have been not wearing them for a long time, I feel as I were just back from a day of shopping!

In fact both the sandals and the bag are not new, nevertheless I couldn't wait to wear them!

Here you can see the whole ensemble! I probably won't wear the dress when I will be back in the city because it is too short, but here no one seems to notice its length!

The only problem, as ever when I am at the seaside, is my hair! 
 Not a big problem in any case, some days of full relax, and then I will take care of it.
 Not now,  not today ...

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Some rest

Everyone has his favourite time for some summer rest. For me it is in July : the month is not as hot as August, and I have a lot of time before going back to work. Together they are the perfect ingredients to enjoy  spare time!

I like going to the  city of Cuneo which is not too far from where I live . It's a nice city.
Besides, there is at least a very good reason for a brief visit.
Are you wondering what it is? Well, my answer is...because there I can enjoy what I call my "perfect breakfast" !

Do you have a perfect breakfast?
Mine takes place in  pastries. 
( you can imagine what kind of breakfast I am thinking of ... not the proper one when you are on a diet!  )
In Cuneo, when I have the time, I don't miss the pleasure of a sweet break!! 

 When I was there, the other day, I decided for a walk. This is a very tidy city. And the inhabitants always find the way to make it really cozy and hospitable!

(Those chairs were so beautifully placed that I didn't dare sit on them! )

I found funny decorations in some streets

( Another touch of local creativeness ) 

At the end of the tour, I felt ready for my breakfast. But the worst disappointment was around the corner : my favourite pastres, where they sell the most delicious kind of chocolate pastry, was closed.  
They were on holidays.

Of course it was a pity, but I could have my breakfast in a different place.
I hope that you too are enjoying the summer!

( In any case I will go again, just to glance ... maybe they will be back from holidays ... )

Sunday, 26 June 2016


As I am a good customer (very good indeed!) I am among those who receive a special invite from the shops

And can choose clothing at a lower price before the official start of  summer sale.

Hence, in a very hot day, last week I went for a light weight dress.


Of course, I came home with something completely different!!
( don't you happen to do  the same??? )
In fact I fell in love with a pair of linen trousers which looked like denim! 
( and two checked tops )

Aldo Castagna 

( old )

Emporio Armani

(old )

I don't often wear trousers and even less in summer, 
but the assistant assured me that since they where from linen,  would have been very fresh and comfortable also in hot days.

 I do hope!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Another case of ... personalization!

Last week I was wearing a pair of bottle green sandals. Today I want you to know how they were born.

They had a large suede ribbon to be tied around the ankle...

I  changed a bit their look with a leather string.
 Changing things  is something I very often do and  usually call ... 
" personalizing  items !" 

I really can't avoid it...

Of course I can wear my sandals with their original ribbons if I like.

Do you do the same?